Karlstrup Bog, Extension of highway

Consultant for M. J. Eriksson A/S. Responsible for optimized design of floating composite bridge (gratings consisting of steel frames with mats of wood) for a temporary working road on very soft ground (bog). The road was designed to carry a 70 tonnes driving rig for driving concrete piles supporting piers for a highway bridge crossing Karlstrup bog. Bearing capacity-, stability- and deformation assessment performed with PLAXIS for the soft gyttja and peat deposits. Optimized strength and deformation parameters for gyttja and peat. The Observational design method was used in order to obtain an approval of the design. Predicted settlements were far below measured settlements.

Location: Denmark, Karlstrup mose

Client: Danish Road Directorate

Years: 2012 - 2013

Assessment of settlementsObservational method designRoads and railways