Nordhavnsvej, Road and Tunnel Contract

Part of design team established by Pihl/Züblin for optimizing temporary retaining walls for the planned 1.6 km long stretch of road and “cut and cover” tunnel (620 m) link from the Lyngby-highway to Nordhavnen, Copenhagen. Responsible for providing the geotechnical design basis with special concern on optimizing soil strength- and deformation parameters, choosing appropriate methods of calculations and to define safety factors, which are in accordance with Danish codes and design practice. Responsible for internal review and design optimization and for having the final design approved by external reviewer. Supervision of contractors work, e.g. refusal of sheet piles and excavation alternatives.

Location: Denmark, København, Nordhavnsvej

Client: Nordhavnsvej Konsortiet I/S (Pihl/Züblin)

Years: 2011 - 2012

Design basisExcavation pitsSupervision