Norway, Environmental Tunnel, Porsgrunn, Oslo

Consultant for Züblin A/S. Responsible for establishing an optimized geotechnical design basis for design of temporary retaining walls (slurry trench with sheet pile walls) for environmental tunnel (tender design). Interpretation of strength and deformation parameters for sensitive clays from CPT-tests, design of necessary depth of soil stabilization (lime with cement) below excavation level in order to prevent bearing capacity heave. Design of bored under reamed piles to prevent uplift. Deformation analysis with the NGI-ADP soil model applied in PLAXIS for documenting limited settlements of neighbouring buildings and the closely located railway track along the construction pit.

Location: Norway

Client: Staten’s Vegvesen (State Road Directorate), Norway

Years: 2014 - 2015

Assessment of settlementsDesign basisExcavation pitsGround anchorsPile foundationsSoil stabilisationTunnels